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There are many ways to flush out your central heating systems some of these are considered basic and very ineffective. However, Power flushing has proven itself to be the most reliable and effective way to clean out central heating systems.

It is also one of the least disturbing ways to get your central heating working effectively with minimal dismantling of radiators. So, if you are having trouble with your central heating system such as some of your radiators are not heating up or cold spots on the radiators itself this may be a signs that there is debris inside your central heating system. These signs when ignored may result in boiler breakdown, central heating takes longer to warm up, and the system keeps cutting out these are all signs that your system may need a Power Flush as it only gets worse over time.

Here is a list of things that you can look for if you think that you Central Heating may need Power Flushing Service

  • The central heating system is taking longer to warm up!
  • Some parts on the radiators are partially or completely cold!
  • Your radiators need bleeding much more frequently!
  • When bleeding your radiators, the water coming out of the radiators is dirty, discolored, or rusty! 
  • Some radiators have corrosion rusty spots and leakages!
  • Your boiler is making a kittling like noise!
  • Regular heating failures!
  • The header tank keeps overflowing when the central heating system is on or the water in the header tank keeps gets heating up.

If you are experiencing any or all, of these symptoms with your central heating system, please give us a Call we are Happy to be of help